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About Gillian

My name is Gillian and I am the owner and lead floral designer at Miranda Floral Studio. I have always loved flowers; I appreciate all the tiny details and all the beautiful colours. In 2018 when I began planning my own wedding I found myself wanting to do all the flowers myself and so I started learning and practicing and before long Miranda Floral Studio was born.


The Journey

I'm inspired by all the stories I've heard of Miranda over the years, and as it happens, the name “Miranda” means “worthy of admiration”. So come on a journey with me and admire the flowers...

gillian x


Our History

I named the studio after my great grandmother, Miranda Evans, who owned and ran Miranda Florist on Loveday Street in the center of Johannesburg from 1933 until 1961. Miranda was described as a remarkable lady who started the business in a small way and made it profitable due to “hard work and guts!” She was truly a fine and special person who triumphed in spite of so many hardships and difficulties. One of her many achievements was arranging the flowers at the Turffontein Race Course at the time that the Royal Family visited South Africa in 1947. She also arranged all the flowers for the Rand Club, including those for their prestigious 50th Anniversary celebration.

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